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A Degree Absolute!

Apr 28, 2021

It's Carnival in The Village, and Dance of the Dead — an episode that was nearly scuttled on account of Patrick McGoohan's disdain for it (and refusal to shoot at least part of its climactic scene) — offers a fascinating glimpse into The Prisoner's conflicting aesthetic priorities.

Marry Morris, our latest Number Two, is a memorable malefactor whom Glen admits he’d like to have as his mom. He also laments the undisciplined nature of her color-coded-or-not telephone system, and goads Chris into railing against the cosmic obliviousness of umbrella-users.

You also get a great heel turn by Aubrey Morris, a haunting performance by Alan White as a doomed former colleague of The Prisoner, an oddly flat showing by Norma West as The Prisoner's observer, and some of the most indelible visual imagery of the entire series.

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Our song: "A Degree Absolute!"

Music and Lyrics by Chris Klimek
Arranged by Casey Erin Clark and Jonathan Clark
Vocals and Keyboards by Casey Erin Clark
Guitar, Percussion, Mixing by Jonathan Clark
Bass by Marcus Newstead