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A Degree Absolute!

May 19, 2021

There's an assassination plot afoot in The Village, and Number Six must protect his oppressor to spare his fellow Villagers. Derren Nesbitt is our Number Two and Annette Andre is our Girl Friday. Neither one of them could stand their scene partner an (uncredited) director, Patty McG. Pink-blazered henchman Mark Eden didn't hate him, but he did resent his attempt to strangle him on camera.

This creative tension results in one of The Prisoner's most rewarding episodes, replete with crossfit and and Kosho and lots more. Plus, listener mail!

"It's Your Funeral"

Written by Michael Cramoy

Directed by Robert Asher (but really Patrick McGoohan)

Original airdate December 8, 1967

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Our song: "A Degree Absolute!"

Music and Lyrics by Chris Klimek
Arranged by Casey Erin Clark and Jonathan Clark
Vocals and Keyboards by Casey Erin Clark
Guitar, Percussion, Mixing by Jonathan Clark
Bass by Marcus Newstead
"Back in the Village" written by Adrian Smith & Bruce Dickinson; performed by Iron Maiden
"Push It" written by Hurby Azor & Ray Davies; performed by Salt-N-Pepa
"Theme from Mission: Impossible" by Lalo Schifrin
"Pinball Number Count" written by Walt Kraemer; arr. Ed Bogas
Annette Andre and Darren Nesbitt interview clips from Don't Knock Yourself Out, directed by Tim Beddows and Thomas Cock
"Jammin' Me" written by Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, & Mike Campbell; performed by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers